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Interview with Olivia from Olliella

I am totally amazed and happy to post this short interview with an amazing Power Mama. She is a Co- Founder of Olliella and oversees kid’s product design and brand strategy.

Dear Olivia, how did everything started?

It started in the basement of my London art gallery, as a side project. My sister (and Olli Ella Co-founder) was pregnant with her first child and was looking for a stylish nursing chair but none were available. So we designed on ourselves and found a local craftsperson to make it. And so, Olli Ella was born!


Opening/Creating a new brand means having a lot of budget.Did you had a lot of money to start your own business?

No, we have been entirely self-funded from day one. We started the company with a small sum of money and lots of ambition.

After six months Olli Ella was approached by Harrods!! What have you been feeling on that day?

That was the most exciting moment ever! Harrods was our dream stockist and we were so honoured and excited to have such an iconic store carrying our products!





Is it hard to be a working mom? How do you organise yourself??Do you sleep??? ;P

It is hard, but I couldn’t imagine it any other way. My children are such a huge part of my business and creative process, and I make sure to find time to give them my full attention each day. It also helps having such a supportive partner in my husband.


All you products are totally gorgeous. Made freom natural Material and great in their simplicity. What inspires you?

Thank you! I still have a very close connection to my own childhood, and have always loved toys. Now, as a mother myself, I am inspired by the the excitement and joy that simple, timeless design brings out in my children. Seeing them playing is truly the most inspiring thing!

How do you see Olli Ella in 5 Years?

With all the designs I’ve got in my head, it might take about 5 years to get them all made J


What advice would you give to young start ups, designer and creative moms that want to create their own business??

It won’t always be easy and I think that’s the important thing to stress. A lot of times it seems like brands have this overnight success, but it really is the result of a lot of hard work, time, not getting paid, problem solving — you name it.! If you go into it knowing that it’s not going to be easy, and are prepared to make a lot of mistakes and learn a lot, then you’ll never have a more rewarding experience.


Your favourite book ..

100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

What could you do over hours..

Paint & Craft

Greates memory of your childhood…

Late night talks with my sisters

Your favourite place on earth…

Maze – a small mountain village in Japan. We have visited twice and it is one oft he most beautiful places I have ever been.


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